Friday, February 17, 2006

confessions of a shopaholic pt.1

I admit it, I’m a mild shopaholic… what does this mean? Well I almost can’t control the impulse to buy things, but I’m not in debt yet and still able to save some money. It also means I have more clothes that I need in my closet and more shoes that I need… but hey.. it’s about choices right? I guess it can mean trouble if I have to plan out what to wear. :P

But there’s something slightly blissful about shopping. Especially when you find the right piece, whether it’s a top, pair of a jeans, a comfy sweater, beautiful shoes or cute accessories. There’s something about shopping that just makes me happy. It’s not just the purchasing part, it’s the whole hunt. It starts with an idea, flipping through magazines, watching tv, people watching or just an idea in the head. Something will pop up and then comes the hunt for that perfect piece that sits in my head. If I finally find it and then you price shop and compare (the internet makes this a lot easier). When I decide I really want it (sometimes this decision takes a few seconds only) and complete the purchase it sends little happy feelings throughout my body. I love it! I love the way wearing clothes and shoes makes me feel. It’s not about anyone else but me and my self expression. Sometimes it’s about that perfect gift for a friend. Same feeling of being able to match something with someone’s expression of themselves. I have to admit, my biggest weaknesses right now are shoes and sweaters. I just have to keep in mind that although it might look good on me, is it my style and do I really want it?

I would love to own my own clothing boutique!


Why most shoe salespeole are men. What do most men know about shoes anyway? And do they even pay attention to shoes? My boyfriend notices when i have on something new, which is nice, but usually the next question is, 'how much did it cost?'

I think I’d rather have a sales person who knew a thing or two about shoes and loved shoes to be my salesperson. Then they can tell me what they think about styles, fit, comfort, color, etc. Most sales people are there just trying to make commission. A friend of mine was shoe shopping and asked this guy to get her a size, she waited about 20 minutes and he still hadn't come back yet. So she asked another guy to get her the size, that guy gets back faster with the shoe and the other one finally shows up. And What happens? The first sales guy almost yells at her for asking someone else to get her the shoe. I mean come on!! Whatever happened to customer service? (By the way this was at the macy's at valley fair.) He said, 'we make most of our money on comission, and you shouldn't be asking two different people to get the same shoe for you.' Last I heard.. in the mall, the customer is usually always right. What an ass.. I bet he's a lousy shoe salesman.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

it's the little things...

So I've been stressed for awhile, you can tell by the time between my posts. Not that I always post regularly, but this time it really was because I was busy. At first it was good busy.. now it's the busy that's making me feel fatigued and stressed and sick and pushing me to the edges of my sanity. These last few weeks have just been exhausting and so many things have been tipping me over the edge and yet somehow I manage to get back on solid ground.. sort of.

Yesterday I had meetings.. all day long. Physically, emotionally, and mentally draining meetings. I also ended up making a stupid mistake that had I checked my voicemail could have been avoided.. not anyone's fault, just happened. But!! It was a a tiny gesture from my boyfriend that managed to soothe the horrendous feeling of the day and make things better.

I was telling him how stressed out I was and just how everything felt so crappy. When I picked him up he had a surprise for me. He had been walking by a stand and saw these flowers and decided to buy 2 beautiful gerber daisies (he thought they were sunflowers - "because I light up his life" - yes feel free to gag).

They're sitting on my desk now, making me happy and lighting up my life. :)

Monday, February 06, 2006


it's all i've felt in the last two weeks.. my ear ache doesn't help and i'm grumpy.