Monday, June 05, 2006

My New Baby!

I made a decision to adopt a dog, but I didn't want to rush into it. Since this is a lifelong (at least for them) commitment. I wanted this dog to be happy, especially since I'm not always home, ie.. work. So I was going to approach this with care and find my perfect match. It just so happens I met him this weekend and he wiggled his way into my life. His name is Griffen, he's 11 years old (he'll live to be about 17-20), he has no teeth, but he's still got a happy grin and adores people. He's an absolute sweetheart and so lovey.

His story: Furry Friends Rescue thinks he was either lost or abandonded and then lived as a stray for quite awhile. Long enough for his diet to become so bad his teeth had almost rotted away. He was found and turned into the Fremont shelter, no one wanted to adopt him. He was going to be put down, and I believe was in the room, when a Furry Friends Rescue volunteer saw him and rescued him. Normally a dog is adopted within 4-6 weeks, but no one seemed to want Griffen. He was with his foster mom for a little over a year before I came upon his pictures on I wasn't so sure about him as he seemed a little big, but it was mostly due to his fluffy fur. When I saw his photo on the Furry Friends Rescue site and read his information, the more I began to like him. It turned out we were a great match and when I met him I knew he was the one (wish finding a future husband was that easy). And voila! I adopted him and took him home and now he's mine. :)