Friday, August 04, 2006

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

when do you let it die?

"I’ve cut a lot of people out of my life for different reasons over the years, some of them even good friends, and always quickly without looking back. I’m not one for regrets. I’ve generally always believed that most of the people in your life are not meant to remain there. Friends and relatives die, relationships drift apart or explode, people change, move away, or go to jail. Until this happened, I never had any reason to doubt. Reviving my friendship with Momo is unfamiliar territory for me and I am treading through it carefully, surprised at what I am learning: not everything left for dead really is. Some relationships are actually in a coma. Some are zombies, wandering aimlessly without a soul. The trick is learning to tell the difference between them and knowing when to resucitate, and when to grab a shotgun and put it out of its misery." - Unexpected Necromancy: Raising an Old Friendship from the Dead by Lucky Machete

I was reading this article on "Who is Isabelle?", it's a great website full of chic reading and thoughts. Girls go check it out, boys go for some insight. Anyway, it got me thinking about my friendships, my relationships, ex boyfriends and how you can let a friendship die, never nuture it, or only nuture it a little bit to keep it barely breathing... perhaps hoping one day you'll finally give it the attention you've been meaning to give them. But life keeps on moving and sometimes those barely breathing friendships fade away and by the time you go to nuture it, you realize it's gone. Then there's a lot of awkwardness and sadness, sometimes it's the opposite and you re-learn things about that person and remember again and suddenly your friendship is back breathing and walking again.

I've realized I've made quite a few friends in my life, many whom after moving away from the physical area I rarely speak to again. Yet I still have very fond thoughts of many of them and feel that if I were to see them again, it would be good times. (Of course with the current development of myspace you can add the occasional comment just to say hi, i'm still thinking of you). There are others that I make sure to try and nurture and contact at least once every couple of months, hoping to keep it breathing so that when I see them again, so that it isn't just about playing catch up but seeing really how they are doing and feeling, not just what's been happening in their lives.

anyway.. there's more but that should be for a over dinner or coffee/boba conversation. don't really want to post it here since apparently there are some people who actually do read my blog. :) Thanks friends!