Sunday, August 26, 2001

It's funny how a little note or phone call at the right time, from a friend can brighten your day.
There never seems to be moments rest with life, no moment of peace, because no matter what there's always something to be done, some thought in the mind. You might have a semblance of peace for a brief moment, but it's a lie.. because then life comes back and hits you in the face. But hey.. at least you get that one moment.

Saturday, August 25, 2001

So I had one of the coolest birthday's ever yesterday!! :) 21 baby! yay! It's funny because when you turn 18, you sort of feel something, 19.. no.. 20.. no.. 21.. BAM! You're a legal adult! About the only thing you can't do is run for president. But hey.. clubs, bars, drinking, gambling, all legal now! Not that I do much of the last two anyway. My beginner's luck is pretty good, then it wears off.. and drinking, well that and my stomach just don't agree often if at all ever. So let me tell you about my day.. 12am First drink as a 21 year old, Sex on the Beach by the nice bar tender Sam at Gameworks. It would have been bought for me by my friend Hien, but Sam was nice enough to give it to me for free. Went home, slept, my boss called and cancelled work (yay!), my friend Priya calls all the way from Spain and wishes me a Happy Birthday! That definately was a highlight and made my day. Went shopping, found some cute shoes, had a yummy lunch bought at Superburger for me from my friend Beat. :) Went to the beach and just chilled with people I loved (not all could make it due to distance or other circumstances, but I still love you all anyway). Went to my friend's place and watched as my friends drank for me on my 21st..haha. it was great. Just to see people together and happy is freaking awesome. I love being 21! Thanks guys and gals!

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

I was thinking about the power of words spoken, rather than thought. Because once said outloud, it becomes so powerful. Because then words can be heard, but others and once they are heard, they cannot be taken back. Even if it's listening with your own years, to hear something said outloud makes it more real than a thought which may quickly slip away from your grasp.. anyway it was just a thought.. and now partially spoken.. think about it :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Breathtaking.. I forgot what a star filled night looked like. Living in Southern California, the lights are usually to bright to see the stars at night. I went camping this weekend, and I remembered back in Senior year. My friends and I would just chill and look at the stars. It was amazing, a clear night and the dark midnight blue sky strewn with stars all across. I laid there for hours just staring, and watched shooting stars fall. So peaceful, so beautiful, I can't put into words the feeling I get just from looking at them. It makes me wonder what's out there.. the sky is so huge, and the universe so fast, are we truly the only ones out there...? To think.. most of the stars we see, are already dead and gone, but their light is still with us.

Anyway, I'm glad to have found stars again, I miss them.. if you know of a place near Irvine, where star gazing is good, let me know!
It's funny how big online diaries are getting. I hardly write in my journal anymore (the one that no one sees but me, the one that when I go back to reread turn red with embarrassement, shed a tear in sadness, and let out a laugh at something I had forgotten about, or even sometimes smile at when I remember a part of my life). Here we are sharing our feelings online instead. It makes me wonder who reads it and what's going through their minds?

They say writing is good for the soul, it lets things out so you don't keep it all bottled up. This is a nice way to do it, because you can bitch all you want about whatever it is you want and you know someone will see it. Someone will hear you and perhaps even understand the emotion you're feeling at that moment.. brief or as long as it may be. So thanks reader. :)

Thursday, August 09, 2001

I miss you jen and jane!! :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

I helped my friend set up this romantic thing on the beach today for his girl friend's birthday and it just got me thinking.. damn.. no one's really ever done anything like that for me, the last sweet thing I remember is my friend giving me a dozen red roses and then asking me to prom (thanks bobby :) ). So me and my friends are running around setting up this blanket and rose petals and candles and etc etc... when we finally finish we step back and it's so beautiful that we want to barf cuz we're jealous as hell. but those two keep the hope alive that romanticism isn't dead.. haha.. but anyway I know guys do show that they care, just not always romantically, but sometimes it's nice.. so guys don't lose the romance, girls are still suckers for it.. well most of us... okay time to dash off and do something lazy now.

Friday, August 03, 2001

You know what I realized is kind of cool, when you're really hot and you hug someone and they have cold ears. :) yeah just an observation, I swear my thoughts do get deeper than this.. honestly.. just ask.