Thursday, May 30, 2002

Wow.. May 30th.. already.. Craziness!! It's been over a month since I've posted and it's only because life just picked up and started running and I've been trying to keep up. SPOP has definately been taking up my time and the REACH project was too for awhile. But it turned out really really cool!! For those of you who came to see it, I really appreciate it because we worked really hard on it. I think we were all pretty proud of the exhibit. Let's see.. we'll play catch up with Vicki's life.. not that it's terribly exciting or anything. I'm getting closer to preparing stuff for England.. scary!! But I'm incredibly excited too, a new environment, new people, new types of stress.. yeah.. what can beat that.. ahhhhhh. I know next year will be up and down for sure, so make sure you write to me out there!! OR EVEN BETTER.. COME VISIT!! Yeah we'll go play in Europe.. come on.. you know you want too! So start saving up the money and vacation time so you can come visit me.

Let's see what else.. well duh.. SPOP. I have to say that my discussion group.. PEPPERONI NIPPLES!! are the best discussion group ever! You all are absolutely amazing and incredible and wonderful and I truly, honestly do love you all. We've still got the summer to go, I know SPOP can be kind of fun, intense, draining and crazy at the same time so if you ever need anyone to just chill with/talk with.. whatever I'm here for you (that goes out to all SPOP staffers)! Arrowhead was absolutely crazy!! Yeeeaahhh I hope everyone had a good time, I for sure did.. even though I did stress out a little.. it's the whole Asian mom thing. :) I'm only happy when other people are happy and I'm feeding people. hahaha.. so yeah you want dinner cooked for you.. just come to me, b/c most likely I'll do it. There's something about food that brings people together.. well that and alcohol I guess too. But alcohol isn't all that there is.. sober fun is possible. :D Trust me.. I know!! And for all the other people I still haven't gotten to know as well.. I look forward to it. :) So come chat me up or just chill w/ me.

Um... yeah so I think that's about it. still no boys.. well actually lots and lots of boys.. sorry I mean guys.. but you know how it goes.. smurfette syndrome, but damn if i don't appreciate all the guys in my life and all the girls. *muah*!