Friday, May 29, 2009

It's the moments...

like when you see your friend's 8 month old after a month or so and she giggles and reaches for your face because she remembers you, that or she thinks you're funny looking because your cheeks are as big as hers.

It's the moments.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


I didn't realize I was very competitive.. well to a point. But if you put me on a scavenger hunt I turn into a different person. I LOVE them, it's so much fun doing the search and taking photos. I don't care that much if I don't get the prize, but I want the answer.

Granted the prizes are fantastic!! But Morgan did remind me (after I got frustrated because he wanted to play during #barkhunt) that he doesn't care if I win, he just wants my time. That's more valuable to him than anything else. Although I doubt he'll complain because this time around I won him some treats and toys from @baskersdog and @bestbullysticks, two of his favorite treat stores! You can check out @bestbullysticks through Morgan's website (if you purchase through that link, we get credit towards more treats!).

Anyway, it was another fun night last Thursday, hopefully you'll join in on the next one! Check them out at You must be on Twitter to play, and if you do play, tell @askspikeonline that @jadeheart sent you. :D

Check out Morgan with his prizes from the first hunt of the season. The furminator we're actually going to donate and use on the Furry Friends Rescue dogs.. some of them are shedding A LOT. Morgan thrilled it's being donated, he hates being brushed. :P

The Best Bully Sticks Chews he's perfectly happy to keep.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Adopt a Duck! Support WVCS in the Silicon Valley Duck Race!

What's another name for a clever duck? A Wise Quacker!

Dear Family and Friends!

West Valley Community Services is proud to be one of this year's Silicon Valley Duck Race Duck Buddies! Each year the Duck Race sells out of its ducks and agencies receive the money raised from these sales.

On Sunday, June 21, 2009, exactly 15,000 numbered ducks adopted by people like you will race down Vasona Creek. Some of those lucky people will win prizes, and one might win $1,000,000!

Come out and join us at this extremely family friendly event! This year's race will be bigger and the festival will be greener (all the ducks are free from phthalates)! The festival will offer food and entertainment for the whole family! Even better, all proceeds go to local charities. What a great way to celebrate Father's Day!

GO here to ADOPT a DUCK TODAY! -

Ducks are $5 for one duck, $25 for a Family of Ducks (Adopt 5, get 1 free), $50 for a Club of Ducks (Adopt 10, get 2 free), and a Flock of Ducks for $100 (Adopt 20, get 5 free)!

Please make sure you put WEST VALLEY COMMUNITY SERVICES down as the TEAM NAME so we can get the credit. TEAM MEMBER is Vicki Yang.

It's great event, lots of fun, and helps support WVCS! So Adopt a Duck today! If you have any questions, please visit their website at or if you want more information about WVCS visit

Thank you,

Vicki Yang