Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gratitudes for Dec 22-31

12/22/2009 - I am grateful for
12/23/2009 - I am grateful for lazy days with the dog.
12/24/2009 - I am grateful for good dinners with the family and passing out on the couch.
12/25/2009 - I am grateful for little brothers and movies on Christmas day.
12/26/2009 - I am grateful for things that are passed down through generations - like posticker making knowledge!
12/27/2009 - I am grateful for being so busy!
12/28/2009 - I am grateful for Monday Night Dinner club, I miss them a lot!

12/29/2009 - I am grateful for staying friends..
12/30/2009 - I am grateful for the idea of a New Year with a clean slate.
12/31/2009 - I am grateful for movie nights and LOADS of food with good friends.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Gratitudes for Dec 15-21

12/15/2009 - I am grateful for a car in good working condition and cruise control.
12/16/2009 - I am grateful for my brother! Happy Birthday Jon!
12/17/2009 - I am grateful for the internet and the advances that let us do almost everything online.
12/18/2009 - I am grateful for good company and laughs over drinks.
12/19/2009 - I am grateful for the invention of brunch.
12/20/2009 - I am grateful for friends from all over and hugs!
12/21/2009 - I am grateful for time off.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Gratitudes for Dec 8-14

12/8/2009 - I am grateful for housing opportunities.
12/9/2009 - I am grateful for cheat sheets on exams.
12/10/2009 - I am grateful for being good at one of my classes this quarter. :P
12/11/2009 - I am grateful for winter breaks!
12/12/2009 - I am grateful for rainy days, movies and dinner in front of the TV.
12/13/2009 - I am grateful for lazy days on the couch.
12/14/2009 - I am grateful for Disneyland and annual passes (even with blackout dates).

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

OCD meets technology

So those who know me know I'm addicted to my iPhone and internet in general. Seriously, it's hard to get away (not to say I don't) but still.. it's very hard. So when my friend Michelle put on twitter that she's giving away a Viliv X70 on her blog.. I had to jump over there and check it out!

The things I could do with this little wonder! Well there's reading stuff for class, doing homework on the run, checking email for possible job offers and internship opportunities, updating the blogs and social media for Furry Friends Rescue, read Michelle's blog, tweet, chat, etc.. oh the list goes on and on.

It definitely appeals to my OCD self! :D

I mean seriously have you seen what this thing can do?!

oh how my heart flutters at technology.. wining this would be fantastic, it'll go into my purse alongside my kindle, iphone, and camera. :D

Monday, December 07, 2009

Gratitudes for Dec 1-7

12/1/2009 - I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to go to graduate school, the collaboration and discussion that goes on amazes me.
12/2/2009 - I am grateful for naps!
12/3/2009 - I am grateful for persevering in positive thinking today.
12/4/2009 - I am grateful for part time work that gives me the opportunity to grow and learn.
12/5/2009 - I am grateful for the gift of literacy.
12/6/2009 - I am grateful that I have the luxury of not working and being able to study and learn.
12/7/2009 - I am grateful for open book tests!