Friday, October 01, 2010

Brighton - I'm Home!

I love that after I've landed and I'm comfortably seated on the train to Brighton (which by the way, I'm so glad the trains have been upgraded since I lived here years and years and years ago) the first thing I see getting off the train is Peter's smiling face. :D

And where do we go immediately?  But to get a Sunday roast lunch of course!!
This was definitely the most relaxing part of the vacation, it was nice to see Pete & Matt and finally meet Amy & little Sol!  We got to spend the time eating and playing in the park and just enjoying Brighton again.  There are definitely many moments where I miss England and living there, the food isn't as bad as everything thinks.  Mostly I miss the people and the ability to visit entirely different countries for the cost of a plane ticket from San Francisco to Orange County.

So there are basic must do's when I'm in Brighton, go to the beach (which is essentially lots of small rocks, not sad.. rocks), enter an H&M (I almost made it the entire trip without buying anything, the last day failed me), and eat, eat, eat.. the must have's include a shake from Shake-Away, breakfast fry-up and fish and chips!   

What I love about being here is that it's almost non-stop laughter the entire time.  Pete and Matt are constantly cracking me up and it feels good to laugh.  Plus, now there's little Sol and he's adorable!  This kid is cute, seriously cute.

 I was a little sad to be leaving, but at the same time I missed the Pacific Ocean and California just a little bit.  But I'll be back again to say hello every once in awhile Brighton.  Don't forget me!