Monday, February 10, 2003

Ewww.. I never learn

Okay so I went to watch a British film last night called 28 days later. It's a bit like Resident Evil, if you don't want to hear about the movie, skip the next bit.

So it's about this plague of Rage that is transmitted through blood, usually if an infected one bites you (they constantly have blood in the mouth) then you're infected in 10-20 seconds and you go around like a zombie eating people and killing things. Of course the plague was injected into some chimps by a lab and some animal rights activists let them out.. hahaha..

It was my first 'real' british film, not counting harry potter and lord of the rings, because those are really hollywood. the filming was really different and the way the script was written was really different. you'd get nothing out of Resident Evil but pure gore and zombies and scare scenes. You get all that, minus some of the gore, lots of blood and a lesson about the military, activists, human nature and etc.. weird. :)

anyways, yeah that's all. had a weird dream last night as i had to continually tell myself that it was okay, just a movie, everything is fine... and all the shadows in my room moved and i had to call Beat so he could make me feel better b/c last time we watched Resident Evil together i was messed up for days.. i never learn..

Sunday, February 09, 2003

I feel old.. sometimes

So of all the random things I did yesterday I went to a Sum 41 concert. They're a punk band from Canada. My friend Kristine had gotten tickets and she didn't have anyone to go with so I said I'd go. So we took off for London and had some yummy Tapa's at this place called La Tasca.. YUMMMMMMMMM I want some more paella right now. Anyway, after that we wandered around for a bit and got on the tube to get out to Wembley Arena. We follow the crowd of predominantly 13 year olds or even younger kids with their parents! And a few 16-18 year olds to this huge arena that's pretty much packed with people. So Kristine's a huge fan of Sum 41 and I've heard two of their songs before, but I managed to get into it and it was good times anyway. But Gawd.. if I didn't feel soooooooo old.. here we are (21 and 22), dressed in tank tops, a jumper, and a coat with our purses and 'regular' jeans.. in a crowd of 0-18 year olds with parents, who are wearing baggy, WIDE leg jeans with chains and straps all over the place and black hoodies and crazy tank tops.. haha.. I forgot what punk was like. It was cool.. interesting to see the punk world over in England since I've only been experiencing the hip hop stuff. Boy do I love hip hop. Punk is good.. but don't know if I'm digging the punk concert scene.

Two night before Sum 41, we went out for Hailin's 21st birthday! Happy Birthday Hailin. Had some chinese food, not as good as home, but good enough.. and some BOBA!! For the first time in god knows how long! It was sooooooooooooooooo good. Then we hopped over to the Event II and saw Cash Money, Rhazel and the Beatnuts.. awesome night. Unfortunately I had yoga earlier that day so I was utterly exhausted.. by the end of the night my mind was completely gone and my body pretty much dead tired. The next day was even stranger as I walked around not quite sure of what I was doing. It was the strangest feeling. Almost as if I was outside of my body, watching all the stuff go on.. or just deep inside my head looking out through my eyes. Everything seemed so far away... weird out of body experience.. or into body experience.

Other than that, life is really good right now. I'm totally enjoying England, weather is still a bit funky, but I love my housemates and we're having good times. As evident by the lack of postings I suppose. I just can't be asked to write much lately, or spend much time in the computer lab. Mostly because reading and studying and essays have me swamped with work.. ugh. It's my fifth year! You'd think I could relax.. but noooooo. Anyways, I better get some reading done for Monday or I'll feel lame in class not having anything to say.. there's only 6 people in my class! 6!! So i can't exactly sit there and not say anything.. well I could.. but I'd feel lame.. yeah I know I'm a nerd.