Friday, May 16, 2008

Bay Area Driver's Watch Out!

I was in Illinois a little over a year ago and my friend told me that Illinois highway patrol drive unmarked white cars, there are so many that my speedy friend is afraid to speed... well it looks like that trend has come to California. I was driving home after dropping my friend off at the airport and there was a copy with an unmarked car who had pulled someone over.

Now.. you maybe be thinking something hot, like a white camero, or a white SUV or a black crown victoria right? NO. It was this ugly gray that you see on a lot of Lincoln town cars, in fact the car looked like a cross between the regular Crown Victoria's and a Lincoln town car. It was something you might imagine a blue haired old lady driving while she can barely see over the steering wheel. Yup.. we're in trouble.

I have to admit it was amusing, the cop looked totally out of place standing next to the vehicle. The only reason I really knew it was a police car was because of the red/blue lights in the back window. I guess I should start slowing down and paying closer attention! That may not be an old lady driving that car coming up behind you!

warm summer nights

warm summer nights
like kissing with your eyes close
i love the heady scents it brings out
without the heat of the sun on your skin
cool breezes like sweet caresses
feelings of pure joy and happiness
breathing in deeply that there is life
feeling the soft heat on my skin
under moonlight, smiling
i'm in love with summer nights