Friday, July 15, 2005

Off with her hair!

So I decided I'm finally going to do it! Two things that I've had on my list of "to do before i die" items.

1) Cut my hair short! And that means above my neck.
2) Donate my hair to cancer patients!

Well a few days ago I actually noticed the length of my hair. I hadn't been paying attention, since I was my hair in the morning I'm usually not quite awake yet. Then it just goes into a bun so it's out of my face so I can get my work done.

Anyways, I took it out one day and looked at it and thought hmm.. I wonder how long it is. Generally organizations only take 10" or longer, those are "Locks of Love"'s requirements anyway. So I tied my hair in a ponytail and got out my trusty measuring tape. 10" for the longest bit and 8" for the shorter layered pieces. So it looks like I'll have to wait another 2-4 months so that more pieces are 10" long. They can't really use shorter pieces, although those will be separated out and sold, the money still goes back to "Locks of Love".

So yeaup, that's my goal, in the next 2-4 months, try to think loooooooooong (there isn't anything I can really do to make my hair grow faster). And maybe by November you'll see me with really short hair! Yikes!

If anyone's got any cute short hair cut ideas, let me know. :)