Thursday, May 31, 2007


i'll smell a certain cologne that will remind me the same friend, i'll hear a song that will take me back to a club in mexico during spring break, i'll hear a phrase and remember sitting in a living room cracking jokes with my friends until our sides hurt so bad we couldn't breath and tears were coming out of our eyes, i'll smell carne asada and remember late night runs to the burrito shack...

a smell, a view, a song, a sound... it always catches me off guard when it happens. when i get that trigger and i'll get a flood of a memory come back. sometimes it brings warm, happy feelings, other times it'll be a soft sadness of something that might have hurt once, lately more often than not it is bittersweet. it'll be a fleeting moment where i'm wrapped up in an old happy memory and then touched with a slight air of sadness as i realize my life is so different now.

it reminds me of mostly of happy times not colored by pain or loss and i realize that i haven't had that many in the past few years. although something about this summer feels different, i don't know what it is, but there's change in the air.

i'm hungry to have new moments and make new memories. so that next year, when i smell the sand i'll remember laughing at the beach with good friends. when i smell a perfume or cologne i'll remember a great hug i received one day. when i hear a song released last year, i'll remember a road trip somewhere silly.

here's to old friends, new friends, old moments and new ones. :) let's make life happen!