Wednesday, July 31, 2002

friend management..

recently I realized I have pretty good time management. I'm on top of things, take care of my responsibilities and do what I plan to do. However, my friend management is another story.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

oi.. it's july.. this is how busy i've been. well that and i can't get online because ATT suck and our cable modem is still on the fritz. But yeah, it seems like my life is just jam packed with constant activity and when there is no activity i'm so exhuasted i usually sleep. There's work and then summer school and then SPOP, not necessarily in that order. I should be doing a paper right now, I have to add 8 more pages to my rough draft due tomorrow and I need to read four more articles to help myself.. but whatever. I just wanted to put a note out there saying "HI". Although I don't think anyone really reads this stuff anymore, it's a nice place just to dump my day. I'm not sure I've got energy anymore, I feel like I'm running on very little sleep and a lot of love for what I do. I know I'm tried.. well at least I should be, but I don't really feel it until I stop and sit down, then it'll hit me. But hey.. how can you stop doing something you love. Life just feels good for me right now, and it's freaking great! I'll explain more later.. I can't tell I'm tired, because usually I don't ramble so badly and my thoughts are clear and fluid.. but since I've got stuff to do, I'm a mess :D yay me!

okay.. bye.